Thursday, October 4, 2007

On recent times

Greetings emptiness, Claudia again. I thought I'd continue this with a more thorough introduction of myself, or at least, of what's been going on in current affairs. Death. A friend of mine, a very dear friend of mine, is faced with the death of his lover, from cancer. She has maybe weeks to live, if that. She is my friend, and he has been my friend for a long time. I'm not honestly sure which is harder, saying goodbye to her, or seeing him in this state of being. Those of you who know me and did not know that, now you know what the catalyst was that sent me spiralling into the deeper bowls of my depression, there it is.

... but it is hardly the whole extent of it.

What manner of creature am I, that the easiest thing to do for me, is to simply sink within? Instead of thinking about my friends I guess its easier to wallow in my own misery, the misery of being in the wrong body. Maybe its just comfortable for me to feel pain I already understand.

I thought I'd more to say than that... another post coming later today but for now, Claudia signing off.

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Anonymous said...

her passing was a blessing Claudia. she did not have to suffer and waste away from cancer, she left with honour in her midst, and love in her heart.

celebrate her life. she lived a fuller life in her short time, than most in their natural and full lives.