Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Burning Cocoons

Hello annonymous void of the internet. I'm starting this blog as an experiment, and as a need to get things out of my system. I'm annonymous, most of the information I provided about myself is false, and the email I chose is only for this blog. Now that that's out of the way the following things about me are true:
I feel I am a woman in a mans body
I am 22 years old
I live with parents that do not approve of my desire to change my body, and so for the time being I am completely helpless...

I know i'm not the only transsexual in the world and I admit that I hope dearly this blog will reach out to somebody. That being said alot of this will be personal too. I cannot write professionally about only my condition, I will branch out into other things, as I am a complex person. (or at least I think I am) Also I have a few friends who will read this knowing who I am. Hopefully that will not comprimise my annonymity but, out of respect for them, and also because through me if I post any secret information about them, others will e able to deduct who I am talking about, even if they do not know me, so I cannot provide any secrets even if they are extremely relevant to the situation I live in and how others may relate. I hope anyone reading this can accept that... if anyone out there cares about this at all. This is not a peachy blog, and I'm going to rant, rave and complain and spew hatred out at the world. I am psychotically depressed IN ADDITION to the comorbidity of being transsexual, and I am searching as well for some form of spirituality, so this will branch into my bizzarre curiosity about the occult, and the hope that there is something more to this life. This is not for everyone, and it is certainly self absorbed... but I do earnestly and honestly hope that this reaches out to someone. That i can create a haven for others like myself to come to me or to each other and talk. This is a lonely world. ~Claudia

PS: Claudia is neither my real name nor the name I consider myself and hope to adopt. It is a name I like and my name on this blog, that is all. It is also the name of the little girl Vampire in Interview with the Vampire. I hope whoever you are reading this, you did not somehow get past that I am bi and trans, and nearly insane, only to turn away because I read Anne Rice novels...


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also: it is good you are doing this, insane woman i dont know. gizzard.

a guy who looks like a fictional race from an MMORPG

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whoops double post >: