Monday, November 5, 2007

Clear, concise, direct to the point.

Everything my blog is not.
You may have already noticed the link, but I've been meaning to post this page: this man, another transsexual, female to male, offers a more direct an easy to follow explanation of transsexuality, and his personal experiences dealing with it as a man.
I wanted to share this link because he explains things in a very simple direct and positive manner.
I also wanted to share this link because it gives a man's perspective, as what little positive attention we get in the media is usually directed towareds male-to-female transsexuals like myself.
I wasn't planning on having a daily blog but lately so much is going on that I cannot keep up with my own life. (Yet nothing seems to really change)

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Anonymous said...

Even if you don't go straight to the point, i think you are doing a lot of good in your blog. Telling your problems, your feelings, your ramblings... you are letting other people know that what they are feeling for being in that situation isn't weird. That is normal to feel like that, that they aren't alone.

I think that with your blog, you are doing something that is morally good ^_^ no matter what moral system you look at it from.