Monday, May 23, 2011


the previous post was actually a mistake intended for my other blog which is the one I meant to be my spiritual blog, as this one was initially intended for my political rants but ended up being more for personal rants. the thing is I don't actually have as much to say, specifically in regards to being transgender anymore, I feel dwelling on the topic pushes me to obsess over it. as weird as it is to say, I think i'm at the end of my journey in that regard. I guess I'm not really at the end, i still don't have a job, and i still want to save for my orchiectomy, but I'm happy with myself, I'm happy with the person i am, at least, as far as gender is concerned.


Angel said...

Things happen for a reason, and I am glad that you made that "oopsie", because now I am aware of someone on a somewhat similar spiritual path.

Guess I'll have to check out your other blog!

Sara said...

Thanks :) I'll be posting there more often I think